Peakwork GmbH

Peakwork strengthens management
As of 01 October, Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Peakwork AG, has restructured Peakwork's senior management team. In doing so, he is strengthening the strategic development of the leading IT specialist and ensuring a focus on key customer relationships.
Ralf Usbeck and Manuel Saballus looking in the camera

Manuel Saballus, previously Vice President Commercial and responsible for Sales, Key Account Management and Marketing, is now Chief of Staff of Peakwork AG and Vice President Business Development & Strategy. In his new role, he will focus on the development of new business areas and products, the strategic orientation of Peakwork in the current business, as well as developing further cooperation and support of Peakwork's most strategic partners and customers. Saballus brings around 20 years of experience in travel technology and is very well connected internationally.

The successor to the Vice President Commercial role is also very well known: Axel Brand. Brand has held various leading positions at Peakwork where he was most recently Director Key Account Management. Axel rises to Vice President level with many years of expertise in tourism IT.

The new Peakwork senior management team will consist of nine members. In addition to Ralf Usbeck and Manuel Saballus, the seven Vice Presidents are Axel Brand (Commercial), Daniel Zingsheim (Operations), Paul Weskamp (Finance & HR), Benjamin Rose (Infrastructure & IT) as well as Sebastian Nölke (Supply Solutions), Christopher Rütten (Production Solutions) and co-founder Guido Fünders (Distribution Solutions).

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Peakwork AG, said: "The recent strategic partnerships, the constantly changing customer requirements, as well as the exciting and broad topic of blockchain, require an experienced and well-connected colleague who can drive these topics forward together with me." He added: "The entire management and staff of Peakwork have done an outstanding job since the last management restructure back in 2020 and have led Peakwork out of the crisis period to become stronger than ever. These recent changes will ensure Peakwork is excellently positioned for the future development of the company."