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Our vision is to set industry standards, with high performance travel technology. We develop solutions for international travel companies and connect travel partners around the world.

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We are dedicated to empowering the travel industry with powerful IT solutions to support leisure travel players on a global scale. Our flexibility enables us to adapt to changing industry trends, delivering scalable, easy to use solutions that speed up yet simplify travel distribution around the world.
Meet the Peakwork team
Pioneers of the digital travel industry
Manuel Saballus Manuel Saballus
Manuel Saballus

Biography of Manuel Saballus

Manuel Saballus is our CEO. He focuses on the development of new business areas and products, the strategic orientation of Peakwork in the current business, as well as developing further cooperation and support of Peakwork's most strategic partners and customers.

Manuel has around 20 years of experience in travel technology and is very well connected internationally. He is a specialist in all travel distribution related questions, in the field of dynamic packaging and strategic growth through technical integrations.

Paul Weskamp Paul Weskamp
Paul Weskamp

Biography of Paul Weskamp

Paul Weskamp is Peakwork’s Director of Finance, HR & Administration. He is our contact for investors, our joint venture partners, banking and payment partners, insurance partners, and facility management partners.

Before being promoted to his current position in 2019, Paul Weskamp was Peakwork’s Head of Finance & Controlling. Prior to his joining in 2018, he consulted German mid-cap companies in all branches in special situations. He graduated in Business Engineering and International Business Management at the KIT in Karlsruhe and Indonesia.

Axel Brand Axel Brand
Axel Brand
Vice President Commercial

Biography of Axel Brand

Dominik Panke Dominik Panke
Dominik Panke
Vice President Technology & Product

Biography of Dominik Panke

Wiebke Simon Wiebke Simon
Wiebke Simon
Senior HR Manager

Biography of Wiebke Simon

Benjamin Rose Benjamin Rose
Benjamin Rose
Vice President IT & Infrastructure

Biography of Benjamin Rose

Christopher Rütten Christopher Rütten
Christopher Rütten
Vice President Development

Biography of Christopher Rütten

Sebastian Nölke Sebastian Nölke
Sebastian Nölke
Head of Synergies & Sales Engineering

Biography of Sebastian Nölke

Peakwork being part of the Juniper Group, Sebastian explores and drives technical and business synergies within the group.

Furthermore, he supports the sales team with his deep technical knowledge as a Sales Engineer to ensure providing the best fitting solution for our customers.

He is an expert in data processing and transformation as well as touristic data formats, especially when it comes to hotels, flights and packages. As a former developer, product owner and VP in development, he has a deep understanding of development processes and an in depth knowledge of touristic data, CRS/booking systems, Inventories and API for rates, availabilities and nbc.

Sebastian has over 14 years of experience in travel technology and working at Peakwork.

Julia Münks Julia Münks
Julia Münks
Senior Sales Manager

Biography of Julia Münks

Dimo Pashov Dimo Pashov
Dimo Pashov
Director Global Sales

Biography of Dimo Pashov

Dimo Pashov is a seasoned professional with broad knowledge of the Leisure Travel Industry and proven track record in Sales and Sales Management across multiple business verticals.  As Head of Sales EMEA, he is responsible for sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with a focus on strengthening and expanding the Player-Hub network and securing new strategic partners and clients across these regions. Dimo has held various managerial positions at TeamAmerica, Tourico Holidays, Inc. and others, where he has gained over 15 years of experience in Direct Sales, New Market Acquisition, Business Development and Account Management.

Christian Andersen Christian Andersen
Christian Andersen
Director Flight & Delivery

Biography of Christian Andersen

Christian Andersen is Director Flight at Peakwork. He is responsible for strategic flight planning and the development of flight operators in the network. This includes the connection of new airlines, consolidators, flight brokers, flight suppliers and strategic IT partners. Christian advises Peakwork’s flight suppliers how to optimize sales and dynamic packaging using Peakwork technology. 

Christian joined Peakwork in October 2013. Prior to this, he worked at TravelTainment for about five years as an airline specialist and flight product manager, particularly responsible for the strategic alignment of the company’s flight sector. During this time, Christian accompanied numerous airlines and consolidators on their way to touristic distribution - both in flight-only sales and dynamic packaging. He understands the airline business from many years of experience: He worked at LTU International Airways for more than 13 years, most recently as Coordinator Distribution Systems & Interline Affairs, so the needs and requirements of the airline distribution systems are very well known to him.

Illa Eggers Illa Eggers
Illa Eggers
PR & Marketing Manager

Biography of Illa Eggers

Sebastian Resing Sebastian Resing
Sebastian Resing
Director Project Management Office

Biography of Sebastian Resing

Christian Liebig Christian Liebig
Christian Liebig
Senior Key Account Manager Accommodation & Meta

Biography of Christian Liebig

Antje Schleifer Antje Schleifer
Antje Schleifer
Senior Key Account Manager

Biography of Antje Schleifer

Michelle Grzesiok Michelle Grzesiok
Michelle Grzesiok
B2B Marketing Manager

Biography of Michelle Grzesiok

Rumyana Mircheva Rumyana Mircheva
Rumyana Mircheva
Senior Key Account Manager

Biography of Rumyana Mircheva

Jennifer Dübelt Jennifer Dübelt
Jennifer Dübelt
Team Assistant Sales & Marketing

Biography of Jennifer Dübelt

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Peakworks timeline
The history of Peakwork GmbH
15 years of Peakwork

After 15 years, we reflect on a considerable number of projects, challenges, ups, and even some downs. In conclusion: Peakwork is currently experiencing the highest booking numbers in its company history.

Peakwork becomes part of Constellation Software

Peakwork joins Constellation Software (TSX:CSU), one of the world's largest software companies for VMS (Vertical Market Software), including Juniper Group.

Announcing cooperation with Sabre

A major partnership with GDS Sabre is announced. Peakwork develops a flexible and scalable, next generation tour product to help shape the future of travel retail, Sabre Vacations. Peakwork starts Web3 developments presenting new dApps for the B2B travel trade.

Successful core tech transformation

Peakwork focuses on the development of Peakwork Box. The partnership with Google Cloud is strengthened. Hosting and applications are focused on Google Cloud compatible technology. Peakwork SET development, an exciting new solution for travel agents, starts in 2021.

Powerful Peakwork solutions

Peakwork releases the rail package Player in 2019. The transformation into a Software as a Service driven company has been successful.

New Peakwork office with Rhine view

A bigger office is needed: Peakwork moves into new headquarters located at Rheinallee, Düsseldorf. In 2016, TUI Venture Group invests in Peakwork, followed by an investment from Brockhaus Private Equity in 2017. Peakwork B-Hub operates a total of 1 million bookings! Peakwork also launches Travelviewer, a booking solution for travel agencies.

Peakwork tech goes international

Peakwork continues to grow. All renowned German tour operators now use Player Hub Technology. Internationalization starts and we welcome our first European customers on the network. Since its foundation, Peakwork achieves a 100 % turnover growth rate year on year.

Gaining the big 5++

The first major German tour operators and industry leaders become Peakwork customers, including TUI, L‘TUR, DER Touristik, and other partners. Solutions for travel production and dynamic packaging are introduced and well received by the market.

Foundation of a new tech vision

Peakwork was founded by Ralf Usbeck and his team in Düsseldorf. The development of the data format, EDF (uniform data format) started as well as the development of DRV GlobalTypes© for travel attributes search.

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VIR Member

Peakwork is member of VIR, Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V. (VIR), the association representing the interests of the digital tourism sector in Germany. As pioneers in the digital travel industry, joining VIR aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance the quality and performance of innovative internet search and booking technologies.

Charts and numbers shown on a display
IATA Status

Peakwork holds the IATA “Airline Retailing Maturity” status as a system provider. With this New Distribution Capability (NDC) status, connected airline customers now have even greater opportunities for differentiated product presentation and ancillary upsell when travelers search and book flights via the Peakwork network.

Person typing on a laptop with a security sign
PCI DSS Compliance

Peakwork systems are certified in accordance with the international security standard for the credit card industry, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). All travel bookings processes on the Peakwork Booking Hub are approved to safely and securely handle credit card and payment information.