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Boost travel product distribution
Accelerate your leisure travel business
With the powerful Peakwork technology platform
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Advanced travel technology solutions to boost your leisure travel business
Powered by our unique Player Hub Technology, the Peakwork platform provides innovative and flexible travel technology solutions for fast, global leisure travel distribution.
Simply select and activate the components that suit your needs to build your own bespoke solution. This flexible technology also enables users to activate new components as and when the business demands it, so you are always ready with the right tools.
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Player Hub Technology
Peakwork’s innovative and unique Player Hub Technology is a production and distribution platform that combines both global offers and demand for travel products. It’s a powerful platform specifically designed for the global leisure travel industry.
The Peakwork Player Hub Technology enables travel providers to present their complete product portfolio to the market, offering full control over the sales channels you connect to as well as prices and displayed product attributes. Due to the component-based structure of the unifying EDF data format, updates are simple and immediate. The Player Hub Technology provides up-to-date and high performance access to all the travel offers across the worldwide Player Hub network. It’s fast and ensures the best quality and accuracy for retrieving and presenting data in both travel partner and end user sales channels with extensive filtering options.
Search, personalize and book global travel services in real-time with our powerful Player Hub Technology
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High performance caching solution

Our advanced Player Hub Technology is extremely fast and highly accurate. Travel offers are cached with detailed attributes and are always up-to-date, ready for immediate global distribution.

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Decentralized infrastructure

The Player Hub Technology is completely decentralized, providing full control of all travel offers. You simply activate and connect to your partners, calculate prices and steer relevant offers to each chosen sales channel.

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Advanced usability

Our unique technology enables advanced search options including open and attribute search functionality. This enables search options and results that exactly match the needs of your target group. Every time.

The Peakwork platform: industry-leading travel software
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High security standards

The Peakwork platform is PCI DSS compliant and offers a secure technology environment that meets the highest requirements of all our international business partners.

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Search and booking integration

The Peakwork platform offers a variety of integration options to provide your customers with the best user experience. Our integration options provide full flexibility for your existing website, apps, and booking solutions.

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Reliable hosting

With our flexible hosting options and managed services, we can offer bespoke hosting solutions. Alternatively, you can host it in your own data center.

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