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Manuel Saballus

Vice President Commercial

Daniel Zingsheim

Vice President Operations

Benjamin Rose

Vice President IT & Infrastructure

Sebastian Nölke

Vice President Supply Solutions

Christopher Rütten

Vice President Production Solutions

Guido Fünders

Vice President Distribution Solutions

Paul Weskamp

Vice President Finance & HR

Axel Brand

Director Key Account Management

Selket Euling

Director Strategic Partnerships

Dimo Pashov

Head of Sales EMEA

Christian Andersen

Director Flight

Laura Garcia

Key Account Manager Accommodation & Ancillaries

Christian Liebig

Head of Accommodation & Ancillaries

Anne Boddenberg

Director Technical Project Management

Sebastian Resing

Head of Technical Account Management

Illa Eggers

PR & Marketing Manager

Peter Cramer

Director IT Procurement

Jacqueline Steffens

Head of HR

Gesa Muckel

Office Manager


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