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Peakwork launches in Taiwan with a stake in Taiwanese Tech Company Riversoft

Peakwork technology launches in Taiwan. The German travel tech provider has acquired a stake in Taiwanese technology company, Riversoft. Both partners aim to bring Peakwork technology to the Taiwanese leisure travel market and implement new features in local applications.

“Riversoft – A Peakwork Company” is the new official company brand. Launched in 2008, by Managing Director, Matt Jiang, the Taipei based technology company has been supporting the digitization of the Taiwanese travel market since it’s foundation. The company focusses on solutions for tour operators and travel sales by integrating the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and more, into the travel sector.

Riversoft has already implemented Peakwork’s Player Hub Technology which allows Taiwanese travel companies and tour operators to bundle travel packages dynamically. Riversoft also combines hotel + flight offers sourced from the Peakwork Leisure Travel Network, opening up a new sales market for international Peakwork hotel and flight suppliers.

Riversoft has also integrated Peakwork technology into local applications. The company demonstrated an application in Line – a social platform for instant communication and additional services in Taiwan – which offers a new sales service for Taiwanese travelers using AI, NLP and packaging technology. Via voice control, end users can search for their holiday packages and Peakwork technology (via Peakwork’s Hub service) responds with the corresponding travel offer.

Alex Kuo, Chairman of Riversoft, explained: “Peakwork technology offers us great benefits: We can access worldwide travel offers with maximum speed along with packaging technology, which is completely new for Taiwan. Not only can Taiwan’s travel operators fulfill the needs of outbound travel, they can also expand their inbound travel business, too.”

Matt Jiang, Managing Director of Riversoft, added: “Our team of experienced technical engineers work on cutting edge booking solutions by implementing a new generation of technology to sell travel offers via various sales channels. By cooperating with Peakwork, Riversoft can assist travel operators handling the entire cycle of a traveler’s behavior: Before travel (searching and booking), during the travel (emergency and additional purchase) and after travel (sharing and feedback).”

Jan Gerlach, CEO of Peakwork, said: “We are very excited about this new partnership. The Riversoft team has already combined and integrated various technologies which even for the German market demonstrate new sales opportunities. We welcome all partners in the travel industry to join the Peakwork Leisure Travel Network providing the right travel products that meet customer’s expectations.”

Riversoft will present the latest developments at the upcoming trade fairs on the Peakwork booth: At ITB Berlin, from 4-7 March 2020 and at the Aviation Festival Asia 2020 in Singapore.

Riversoft is Peakwork’s second investment in Asia: Besides Riversoft in Taiwan, Peakwork also holds a stake in Zhouyou Technology in China.



  • Alex Kuo, Chairman of Riversoft and Jan Gerlach, CEO of Peakwork, signing the partnership agreement
  • Riversoft team in the office in Taipei
  • Press conference in Taiwan at the Launch of Peakwork - A Riversoft Company
  • right side: Alex Kuo, Chairman of Riversoft and Jan Gerlach, CEO of Peakwork

About Riversoft

Riversoft was founded in Taiwan in 2008. It focuses on solutions that assist traditional travel agencies build ecommerce websites, as well as travel management systems with solid application frameworks and domain knowledge. Riversoft has launched an ERP system including online booking and payment, today more destination resources are integrated and new features such as community marketing, personalized recommendations and a Travelbot using NLP technology are in development. Riversoft supports travel companies deploy advanced travel technology more easily. In 2019, Riversoft formed a strategic partnership with the German Peakwork AG and started to provide Dynamic Packaging and Player Hub Technology with localized solutions - pushing Taiwan’s travel industry into the next generation.


About Peakwork

Peakwork AG, founded in 2009, is the dynamic packaging and distribution connectivity specialist for the travel industry. With its unique Player Hub Technology®, Peakwork has created a marketplace and leisure travel network that brings together global supply and demand of travel products.

Leading international tour operators and service providers rely on Peakwork solutions for dynamic packaging with connectivity to worldwide hotel and flight providers. The flexible and internationally scalable travel distribution solutions are designed to cope with large traffic demands and benefit from the connection to global metasearch partners as well as global distribution networks. Strategic alliances with leading digital companies result in pioneering solutions for dynamic travel production, sales and yield management.

Player Hub Technology is successfully used in almost 40 markets around the world.


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