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Peakwork brings new booking option for ancillary services into dynamic packaging

With Peakwork, travelers can now reserve a seat directly when booking a dynamic flight+hotel package. Within the booking process, the aircraft seating plan is displayed on the checkout page of the travel portal and the preferred seat can be selected.

Upselling additional services is becoming increasingly important for airlines. Peakwork is now meeting this requirement with the extended integration of additional services within the dynamic packaging process. The new seat selection functionality complements the existing ability to book individual pieces of luggage and can also be integrated directly into the booking process in the travel portal. In addition to seat and baggage, in-flight meal selection functionality will soon be available via Peakwork.

Airlines' experience show that seat reservations are made much more frequently if this option is offered directly in the booking process. Not only can airlines and tour operators benefit from these extra revenues, but customer satisfaction with the flight should also increase if a seat has been selected in advance.

Among the first airlines already offering this service are Condor, Eurowings, SunExpress and Transavia. Further airlines are under development. Seat reservations and optional luggage bookings are all managed via the Peakwork Booking Hub.

Christian Andersen, Director Flights at Peakwork, explained: "Increasing ancillary sales is one of the airlines' top priorities. Peakwork now offers a new solution for this, which also allows tour operators to use these services while booking a package holiday. Travelers can look forward to the additional service and the simple booking procedure."

Experiences have also been positive with the addition of luggage within dynamic packaging: for example, in the case of dynamically packaged holidays, a piece of luggage is added to more than a quarter of the bookings for flights without luggage if this option is offered separately. Tour operators can thus increase their package sales in a targeted manner and, similar to airlines, calculate which offers they include within the dynamic calculation in order to price attractively.

Since last year, Peakwork has also been providing aircraft information regarding seats and additional offers with Quicket. Within the booking process, this data can be displayed directly with the flight offer on travel websites to support the customer in making a booking decision.


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