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Joint Peakwork/Google presentation at Google Cloud Summit

In a joint presentation at the forthcoming Google Cloud Summit on September 19th, 2019 in Munich, Peakwork and Google will present “Faster Results: Simplified Data Warehousing with Google BigQuery”. In a co-presentation with Eric Ballnath, Peakwork’s CTO/CPO Joao Gonzaga, will talk about the usage of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the transformation process at Peakwork and how we are advancing the technology from a 100% on-premise to native cloud solutions.

As a global player in tourism, Peakwork processes terabytes of hotel, flight and package travel deals on a daily basis. During his session, Joao will share the experiences we have gathered in our Data Lab so far. Peakwork’s CTO/CPO will also talk about how the Google Cloud Platform supports the company goal to use the power of data to develop new data-driven products and services in the future.

Peakwork links existing data sources, such as API traffic and business events from billions of search and booking requests worldwide. In the Data Lab project Peakwork uses Google PubSub to transport the data to GCP, transform it with DataFlow, and then store it within BigQuery for analysis. Peakwork uses DataStudio to visualize and analyse retrospective data and BigQuery ML is used to predict future trends.


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