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Peakwork solutions for OTAs & Metasearchers
Drive online leisure travel distribution and inspire global customers
Boost conversion via OTA and Metasearch
One Connection To Multiple Brands

With just one API, Peakwork connects to all travel suppliers in its extensive leisure travel network. Handling mass traffic at high speed, it delivers accurate data including prices, availability and more in real time.

Meta Direct Booking Connectivity

Our central booking application facilitates the booking process between OTA/metasearch and supply advertisers via one single API. It’s PCI DSS compliant and includes secure payment provider integration.

Scalable Technology With ID Match

With the ability to manage mass traffic, travel products are scalable from multiple suppliers and global markets, differentiated by Peakwork’s global supply ID.

Source product from the network
Search & Booking Connectivity
Peakwork provides access to a broad portfolio of travel packages, airlines, hotel offers and services, including car rental and activities, offering high speed performance and data accuracy with just one API for search and booking.
  • Access to tour operator and airline vacation offers and a global flight and hotel portfolio
  • Boost website conversion with powerful search options
  • Connect new partners efficiently
Flexibel travel packages flight + hotel
Dynamic Packaging
Peakwork’s comprehensive dynamic packaging solution combines your components in real time. With access to leading flight and accommodation suppliers as well as fulfillment partners, build unique and competitive holiday packages and ultimately increase margins. 
  • Calculate competitive package prices in real time
  • Maximize revenue by scaling your business with new packaged products
  • Easy website integration
Powerful OTA Frontend
OTA Plug & Play Solution
Overcome entry boundaries easily with this all in one plug & play solution. Generate income from the first booking. Only one contract is required to access a comprehensive travel supply chain from your own homepage to online booking and secure payment. The new front-end delivers an emotional user experience as well as various upsell and cross selling options to accelerate your business. The extensive filter and feature options enable your customers to always find the perfect holiday where the results are delivered within a subsecond response time.
  • Out of the box ready – fast and easy setup of our booking solution
  • New search options to personalize customer needs
  • Hotel and Dynamic packaging search and book capability
WEB3 FOR TOUR OTAS and metesearch

Peakwork’s OTA and metasearch partners can increase trust with their customers by leveraging blockchain technology due to providing more security and transparency. Blockchain’s decentralized nature increases security, transparency and has the potential to reduce costs for both travel agencies and customers. In order to ripe these benefits, check out the solutions powered by Peakwork Web3 Travel Platform.

  • Cross-partner interoperability
  • Interoperabilität zwischen Partnern
  • Secure and instant settlement
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