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Freebird Airlines: new flight provider in the Peakwork network
Freebird content is now available for dynamic packaging and flight only sales.

We are delighted to announce that we have a new flight provider partner in the Peakwork network: Freebird Airlines.

Freebird, established in 2000, is the leading charter airline in Turkey. With a fleet of 13 Airbus A320 aircraft, Freebird and Freebird Europe offer a wide range of services tailored to market needs. Freebird operates an extensive flight network, serving around one million passengers annually, connecting them to 170 destinations in 26 countries. Freebird Airlines successfully works with 2 different AOC along with Freebird Airlines Europe, an EU carrier established in 2019, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey for its customers. Via its NDC API, the Easy Bird and Eco Bird fares are available for dynamic packaging and flight-only sales.

Welcome Freebird to the Peakwork Leisure Travel Network!

To connect to this new partner, get in touch with your Peakwork contact.