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PhocusWire Report: Dynamic Travel Packaging – The Next Game-Changer

Dynamic packaging has been growing and evolving for the past ten years and this trend will continue to 2020 and beyond.

Airlines are launching holiday brands, hotels are launching their own tour operators, rail companies are selling accommodation, metasearch players are upselling packages within flight search results, even Google is taking an interest in the practice of offering package search results in and outside the Google travel section.

Technology underpinned the development of packaging as a product in the early days of online travel. Today, the technology powering the creation of packages is among the most sophisticated in the industry.

It is now possible for travellers to get a response to a query almost instantly, and that response will comprise real-time availability and pricing.

The economics of truly dynamic packaging are compelling: pricing in realtime allows suppliers to present pricecompetitive options to travellers while maintaining control over their own yield and margins without compromising price integrity.

The report is available here.


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