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Peakwork provides data format EDF free of charge

The data format EDF developed by Peakwork, currently in use in more than 35 countries, will no longer be subject to a license fee from 2020. Internationally, there is no comparable format that is in widespread use. The free licensing is intended to give an additional boost to the efficient exchange of offer data in global tourism.

Exchange Data Format, or EDF, is one of the first developments of the IT travel specialist, Peakwork. Since then, partner companies in the Peakwork network, i.e. users of Peakwork’s Player Hub, have been working with this data format technology in more than 35 countries. This represents more than 200 leading tourism companies, including international tour operators, hotel and flight providers such as TUI, DER Touristik, Lufthansa, Emirates, MTS/OTS and many more. The data format is already experienced for international use and requirements.

Previously, the use of this data format was associated with monthly license fees, which will be eliminated in 2020. Jan Gerlach, CEO of Peakwork, explains: "In the German market, the successful data formats have a fairly widespread distribution. The lack of uniform standards in international tourism is a strategic opportunity for us. The use of the EDF format free of license costs is intended to simplify data exchange internationally and accelerate entry into new markets."

EDF is an XML-based data format that standardizes and significantly accelerates the exchange of touristic offer data. Due to its widespread use by travel providers, distribution processing is standardized and quality losses in data transmission are minimized. In addition, all offer parameters are mapped in detail and can also be searched and booked by customers. This reduces response times to web pages that use Peakwork technology to just a few milliseconds - even when the offer data of a large number of tour operators is searched.


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