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Peakwork launches new flight comfort features from Quicket

Travel technology provider Peakwork now provides valuable aircraft information about seats and add-ons. Sourced from Quicket, this data can be displayed on travel websites and within booking solutions directly with the flight offer.

Customer expectations are rising continuously, as is the pressure on airlines to differentiate. In the booking process, on board comfort features are often overlooked for customers booking online. Greater legroom is often high on the wish list of many travellers. These and other comfort features can have a strong influence on the airline booking decision.

Quicket provides this detailed information on more than 48,000 aircraft from more than 700 airlines, including seat distance to the front seat, seat width and maximum seat tilt. Similarly, data regarding the entertainment system can be displayed, as well as whether Wi-Fi, power at the seat or audio and video on-demand are available.

Travel portal operators working with Peakwork Technology can now share and display this data. Christian Andersen, Director Flight at Peakwork, explains: "When choosing a flight, the customer can see just how much legroom they can expect or whether there is WLAN on board. These are very relevant criteria that can have signifcant influence on the flight booking decision. "

For the technical connection, Peakwork directly connects to the QUICKET programming interface (API). Further flight information can also be made available in the future.


About Quicket: (

QUICKET is a Munich-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, specialized on the supply of reliable data about airline extra services in the travel industry. The company implements technologies from the fields of big data, augmented reality, virtual reality and connected mobility and provides an API that enables QUICKET’s customers to flexibly obtain information for example on seating, WiFi, catering, luggage or priority boarding and present this information to end customers in a user-friendly form via numerous platforms. QUICKET was founded in 2012 by the former Microsoft manager Djois Franklin as well as Fred Finn, who holds the Guinness World Record for the most covered air miles. Employees of their international team have gained work experience for example at Travelport, Intel, IDEO, Mercedes-Benz, Facebook.


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