Peakwork AG

Peakwork solutions for flight suppliers
Increase sales and ancillary revenue
World-class solutions for flight suppliers
Flight distribution into global leisure travel markets

Enhance distribution efficiency by connecting directly to the partners in the Peakwork Leisure network.

Boost your flight and ancillary sales

Increase ancillary sales such as baggage and seat selection also in leisure travel.

Reduce distribution costs

Protect existing distribution channels and save polling costs with Peakwork cache technology.

Sales to global Leisure Travel Network
Flight Distribution
Our cutting edge caching technology combined with single API connectivity expands your sales network by accessing relevant distribution channels on global scale – in an instant.
  • Maximize sales by offering flights to global tour operators
  • Enable direct flight distribution via Consolidator, OTAs and metasearch
  • Reduce distribution costs by connecting directly to partners
Dynamic Packaging
Airline Holidays
Combine empty seats with hotel rooms to build competitive holiday packages and increase margins.
  • Enhance distribution reach with a new product portfolio
  • Increase ancillary sales with value-added packages
  • Offer inspirational searches based on leading Dynamic Packaging technology
Sales to global metasearch partners
Metasearch Connectivity
As metasearch traffic constantly increases, benefit from this growing customer base by offering your flights with facilitated direct booking connectivity.
  • Plug & Play connection to leading META search partners
  • Maximize sales with a new distribution model
  • Reduce distribution costs and handle large traffic demands while reducing live requests