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Direct access to millions of travel offers

Peakwork solution for travel agents

Rapidly build reliable travel offers directly from your suppliers

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Detailed search and filter options

Access precise and unique search options to find the perfect holiday for your customers. Choose from a number of global types to set your own desktop filters.

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Reliable prices and availability

Source travel offers directly from your tour operators’ flight and accommodation portfolio, guaranteeing high data accuracy with reliable pricing and availability.

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Total/family prices and more

Access sophisticated pricing features such total price calculation for families to boost sales opportunities and facilitate consultancy.


Introducing the Peakwork solution for travel agents:

Travelviewer offers full access to package, hotel only, flight only and dynamically packaged travel products. Travelviewer is available as desktop application and is configured to meet the requirements of both travel agents and call centers.

  • Access leading travel suppliers’ complete portfolio to boost sales opportunities

  • Enhance customer experience with access to rich destination content

  • View all product information instantly on screen

  • Optimize data accuracy

  • Detailed search options to build the best travel offer fast

  • Directly display total/family prices

  • Geographic map search

  • Advanced flight search options


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