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Peakwork Network: Strong growth for travel bookings via Metasearch and OTA

First US OTA launched on Book on Google 

Metasearch and OTA bookings have risen significantly in the Peakwork Leisure Travel Network and are now one of the key growth drivers. After constantly doubling the number of bookings over recent years, the first quarter of 2018 closed once again with three-digit growth. This is due to Peakwork’s expansion into further sales markets and new distribution partners and channels, including the USA, Scandinavia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Facilitated / Express Booking increases

In addition to the classic click-out model, especially rising are bookings via metasearchers with facilitated or express booking model, which offers an efficient and user-optimized booking process on the metasearch website. In this variant, the travel provider - unlike the OTA model – remains the "Merchant of Record" (MoR), which means they remain the contracted partner and contact person for the customer.

Peakwork fully supports this entire solution end-to-end, including the payment process, which is backed by the PCI DSS standard and Google Vendor Security Audit Certifications. Corresponding booking paths currently exist for Google, Kayak, and Trivago for the distribution of hotels, flights, and package travel offers, which are also being implemented at Peakwork's other metasearch and global sales partner platforms. 

Supporting international partners reach new markets

Metasearchers and OTAs, such as Google, Kayak, Momondo, Swoodoo, Tripadvisor, Trivago, Holidaycheck, CheckFelix, Check24, Kiwi, Expedia, and others, are all accessing offers from the Peakwork Player network across more than 30 countries. These include major European markets such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, BENELUX, Spain, and Portugal, as well as other growing Peakwork markets such as the US, Canada and Brazil, as well as APAC.

In 2017, travel package connectivity was launched on Google Packages and on metasearcher Momondo. In 2018, new metasearch partners have already appeared online with package holidays. Even on Facebook, connectivity for packages and flight only offers is planned - hotel offers are already sold via the Facebook format DAT, “Dynamic Ads for Travel”. OTAs can also sell third-party vacation packages and hotels through metasearchers, such as Expedia in package sales.    

Classic tour operators use Peakwork technology to launch global platforms that rely on the fast-growing metasearchers as a distribution channel to gain a fast and efficient international footing. This growth strategy replaces the usual Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Adwords advertising formats. European tour operators such as TUI, Thomas Cook, DER Touristik Group, Hotelplan, and bedfinder are already using this channel to rapidly expand into new markets.

Airlines such as Lufthansa, Condor, and Canadian Air Transat, as well as hotel providers such as Hotelopia (part of the Hotelbeds Group), Mirai (a Spanish hotel service provider) and US OTA, Travelpass Group with its brand ReservationDesk, are also increasingly selling on metasearch via Peakwork technology to directly scale international bookings and enter new markets.

Further metasearch connections

Peakwork has already connected numerous active partners globally for distribution via metasearch. For 2018, Peakwork is focusing on developing relationships with metasearchers in the package travel sector, expanding and deploying the facilitated booking functionality for other providers, as well as creating new partnerships with other locally leading distribution platforms.

Annika Kessel, Chief Digital Officer of Peakwork, adds: "The trend among our partners is towards Facilitated Booking. In addition, in 2018, the distribution of hotels and flights as travel packages is another trend in metasearch and offers great internationalization opportunities. A booking process with a mobile first, user-optimized experience and fast response times brings higher conversions and the facilitated booking model will attract new customer groups." 


About Peakwork:

Peakwork AG, founded in 2009, is the dynamic packaging and distribution software specialist for the travel industry. With its unique Player Hub Technology®, Peakwork has created a leisure travel network that brings together global supply and demand of travel products.

Leading international tour operators and service providers rely on Peakwork solutions for dynamic packaging with connectivity to worldwide hotel and flight providers. The flexible and internationally scalable travel distribution solutions are designed to cope with large traffic demands and benefit from the connection to global metasearch partners as well as global distribution networks. Strategic alliances with leading companies like Google and IBM result in pioneering solutions for dynamic travel production, sales and yield management.

Player Hub Technology is successfully used in around 35 markets around the world.


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