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Peakwork terminates partnerships with Russia

Peakwork announces today that it will immediately discontinue all partnerships with Russia. Solidarity and support of the Düsseldorf IT specialist is currently directed to the development team based in Ukraine.

Peakwork is also present in Russia with its Player Hub technology. For over five years, Peakwork has been working in an exclusive sales partnership with a local Russian company that also uses Peakwork Technology. This cooperation will now be discontinued.

Peakwork is reacting to the current political developments, which also affect the Peakwork software development team in Ukraine. The colleagues are receiving the full solidarity and active support of the entire Düsseldorf team: Some colleagues have already been accommodated with their families in Düsseldorf, and other colleagues and their families have been able to leave the country or are about to do so.

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Peakwork, says: "We are deeply shocked by Russia's actions. These days, our solidarity is with the people of Ukraine. Whoever wages war against our developers is not a partner country under these circumstances." Moreover, he adds, "Furthermore, it shames me when from Russia there is a request to change our GeoTree: "Please designate the annexed territories as independent vacation regions." Such a way of thinking and acting at the cost of others should not have to be experienced nowadays."


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