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Peakwork takes over content provider vianido

Peakwork, a leading IT-provider for the travel industry, takes over the Aachen content provider vianido. vianido generates travel information especially photos, HD-Videos and texts of all touristic relevant points of interest for travel destinations. Especially for future multimedia developments in the area of virtual reality and Smart TV, as well as the development through peakwork’s Innovation Lab that is a growing interest in the industry of travel.


vianido currently has a georeference database that has more than 100,000 photos, including wideband, 360 degree and gigapixel panoramic photos as well as HD videos to worldwide travel destinations and cities. A wide variety of editorial information that details specific points of interest is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Additionally, beaches that have been documented are based and summarized on 39 criteria points like length, width, type of beach, color of sand, amenities, etc.

This content is the basis for multimedia applications, that allows travellers to search travel destinations virtually. Offering better customer service, especially with the help of new terminals and through a faster transfer rate will allow these multimedia and experience-orientated content and applications to be standard in the industry. The peakwork Innovation Lab designed and set up future orientated applications for Smart TV and Virtual Reality.

Ralf Usbeck, Peakwork’s chairman of the board, states: „Photos and especially animated pictures will help shape the future of the travel industry and offer a more modern customer service. Customers will be consulted with inspiring and experience-orientated applications. Either with tablets or Smart TV at home while sitting on the couch, or by using virtual reality glasses at travel agencies. Times with old-fashioned result related price lists are over, or rather is reserved for the optimized PC applications.”

The vianido data is already an elementary part of the geosearch project at peakwork. The travel database consists of information to all essential destinations, places of interest, popular places and beaches that can be seen by using the polygon search. The employees of vianido are being integrated into the GeoSearch-Team at peakwork.