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Peakwork supporting Everwave: 500kg of waste compensated

We are delighted to start the new year 2022 by contributing to our planet: Every day at Peakwork, we benefit from a spectacular view of the River Rhine as well as beautiful images from stunning worldwide destinations featuring fabulous river and sea locations and that great holiday feeling. Therefore, we are supporting Everwave in their quest to maintain these areas of beauty and nature. With its core technology, Everwave protects our rivers and oceans from plastic waste. Our recent donation has already helped collect 500kg of garbage from our rivers and oceans – this is probably one of our best investments. 

Thanks to Everwave for your enthusiasm and cleanup missions!

Do you already know Everwave? They rebranded a few months ago. You might have met and heard about the team from Aachen-based Pacific Garbage Screening. They presented their vision at Peakwork Partner Connect in 2019. Feel free to support or follow.



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