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Peakwork sets up new technology base for Alpitour Group

The German technology specialist Peakwork was able to win the Italian travel group and tour operator Alpitour as a new major strategic partner and client for the Peakwork network. Alpitour has already implemented Peakwork’s technology for the supply, production and distribution of travel products. The implementation of Peakwork technology is a key milestone within Alpitour Group’s Innova project with regards to digital transformation across all company areas.

Alpitour is synonymous with holidays from A to Z and is the recognized Italian leader in the industry. Peakwork with its Player Hub Technology set up a leisure travel marketplace that brings together companies and products across the touristic value chain, operating in around 50 markets. In recent months, Peakwork and Alpitour have rebuilt the technical basis for the sourcing, production and distribution of travel components and packages across all brands within the group and external partners. Alpitour implemented the dynamic packaging technology which allows to flexibly bundle hotel, flight and other travel service offers to dynamic holiday packages.

Next to packaging its hotel and flight offers and sourcing additional content sources, Alpitour is the first tour operator that integrated Peakwork’s new hybrid hotel connectivity. This new technology allows a more flexible and comprehensive product portfolio. Peakwork’s cache technology increases search performance for frequently booked offers, whilst rarely requested destinations and offers are requested via “live connectivity” at the provider’s inventory at the time of the user’s request. Further ancillaries such as additional transportation providers, transfers and activities are in the implementation phase.

In the future, Alpitour won’t only source component offers from the network but will also benefit from distribution via leading metasearch partners.

Francesco Ciuccarelli, CIO e CTO of Alpitour World underlines: “Alpitour has helped generations of Italians find their ideal holiday. Despite the current situation, we are thrilled to be able to continue our rapid development and expansion by bringing ourselves up to the very latest technological standards. In partnership with Peakwork, we have been able to implement our platform strategy that will significantly support our further digitalization plans. Their technology is an integral component of the new enterprise architecture and a key enabler of the Innova transformation program.”

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Peakwork, is very pleased about the new partner and project: “We are extremely proud of having Alpitour as a new partner. The implementation was one of our top priorities over the last months, and the cooperation was smooth and professional from the beginning. We are looking forward to growing the business together with the help of our technology as key contributor for Alpitour’s digital success and the Innova project.”


About Alpitour:

Alpitour began in 1947 as a small travel agency specialized in brief bus or train trips for special occasions.

For 70 years now, the Alpitour’s Group has been the most important, most versatile Italian travel company: Tour Operating, Aviation, Hotel Management, Incoming, and Travel Agencies. These are the five divisions that make up the company’s identity.

Epitomizing quality, support, and flexibility, today, Alpitour is synonymous with holidays from A to Z, and is a recognized Italian leader in the industry. This long journey has been an experience full of passion, innovation, and professionalism, allowing the company to help generations of Italians find their ideal holiday.

In the last few years, the group has begun to really pick up the pace in terms of expansion and development, showing itself to be as solid and enterprising as the major international tourism companies.

Furthermore, Tamburi Investment Partners S.p.A.’s financial contribution to the group has allowed for new liquidity and a more solid company. This has allowed for the financing of acquisitions of the most famous properties and brands in Italy, further allowing us to catch up to the largest travel groups in the world.


About Peakwork:

Peakwork AG, founded in 2009, is the dynamic packaging and distribution connectivity specialist for the travel industry. With its unique Player Hub Technology®, Peakwork has created a marketplace and leisure travel network that brings together global supply and demand of travel products.

Leading international tour operators and service providers rely on Peakwork solutions for dynamic packaging with connectivity to worldwide hotel and flight providers. The flexible and internationally scalable travel distribution solutions are designed to cope with large traffic demands and benefit from the connection to global metasearch partners as well as global distribution networks. Strategic alliances with leading digital companies result in pioneering solutions for dynamic travel production, sales and yield management.

Player Hub Technology is successfully used in about 50 markets around the world.


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