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Peakwork powered by Expedia Partner Solutions sets up first live hotel connectivity in Peakwork Leisure Travel Network

Peakwork powered by Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS) has successfully implemented the first live connectivity for hotel offers within the Peakwork Leisure Travel Network. In combination with Peakwork's cache technology, the new live connection enables dynamic access to almost unlimited hotel product, which can also be calculated and packaged in real time.

Peakwork's new hybrid technology combines cache and live connections of travel offers. EPS is the first provider to be completely connected and requested live, where the Expedia Partner Solutions portfolio is available within milliseconds including all search and filter options.

Peakwork is on the latest version of EPS API (Rapid 2.4), which gives access to more than 650,000 properties worldwide for dynamic packaging and hotel only distribution. This portfolio comprises exclusive offers from leading international hotel chains, covering city and beach breaks to vacation rentals. The EPS hotel content is already integrated with the first tour operator.

Karen Bolda, CTO at EPS, said: "Today, flexible hotel sourcing is more important than ever before to help travelers feel confident booking. We’re excited to implement live connectivity with Peakwork at a time when up-to-date information on market changes can make all the difference for travelers.”

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Peakwork, added: "Our partners, both tour operators and OTAs, will always be able find their customers suitable offers across the various distribution channels with the extensive product portfolio of Expedia Partner Solutions. Peakwork offers the fastest hybrid solution for connecting travel products and distribution. The combination of speed and product depth is unbeatable.”

Peakwork has already implemented hybrid connectivity for flight offers in the last few months.


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