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The Peakwork leisure travel network is continuing its double digit growth. This year, more than 300 senior travel industry managers, representing 161 companies from 24 countries (including US, UK, Russia, China, Japan, and Indonesia) met in Düsseldorf to connect in a beach club atmosphere and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the travel industry. Now in its fourth consecutive year, this annual conference welcomed more C-level delegates from tour operators, airlines, bedbanks, OTAs and metasearchers and is now established as a key networking event in the leisure travel business. 

Peakwork opening note

In his opening note Jan Gerlach gave a brief overview of the travel industry and the trend the market is moving to, “Asia is the future big player”. Also, it has been noticed that 90 % of Peakwork partners sell their products outside their home market and travel bookings are moving to mobile devices. Based on the market needs mentioned, Jan presented the new Peakwork platform: The BOX as the best solution for these new challenges within the travel industry.

Google - Travel in the age of Assistance

Satyan Joshi, Travel Ads Business Leader at Google, discussed the unending demand for customized content and how that affects the travel industry. Brands need to provide customized content on a continuous basis as customers increasingly shopping for travel on a daily basis – as often as clothing apparel.

Expedia - The Power of Data: What you don’t know about your audience

Andrew Van Der Feltz, Senior Director Business Development, EMEA & APAC at Expedia Group Media Solutions, presented the "Power of Data", examining how smart insights can influence the way travel brands markets themselves. Leveraging insights from, a custom research project commissioned by Expedia Group Media Solutions and conducted by Northstar Research Partners, the presentation includes key takeaways and best practices for applying the insights to marketing strategies.

Peakwork: Blockchain technology and its impact on business processes

Joao Gonzaga, CPO at Peakwork, gave the audience a brief insight into the blockchain technology and why Blockchain is considered the most disruptive invention since the internet itself. According to Joao, Blockchain is not only the technology underlying Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, it also has the potential to disrupt a wide range of business processes and functions, due to its data structure which does not require a central authority, allowing data to be stored in a distributed ledger, offering increased trust and transparency through an immutable record of all transactions.

Although it is still in its early stages of development blockchain could revolutionize the way business in several industries, including travel will operate. Several ongoing blockchain projects in different verticals such as smart contracts, digital identity, customer loyalty program, supply chain, as well as P2P vacation rentals among other application show how many possibilities blockchain technology brings for our digital world.

Hotelbeds: Hotel supply landscape in a change - an introduction to Hotelbeds Group

Chris Branagan, CTO of Hotelbeds, spoke about what the merger of Hotelbeds and other major hotel providers in Europe means for the industry and how it will benefit customers. With the new combined power, Hotelbeds Group expands its global outreach and looks forward to servicing the Peakwork network, and other partners around the world.

For further questions, please get in touch with your contact at Hotelbeds or Peakwork. Dynamic packaging and virtual interlining

Oliver Dlouhý, CEO and Founder of, explained how to dramatically extend the inventory of dynamic packages by integrating virtually interlined flights. Oliver gave the Peakwork partners an overview of’s new extended package solution and its benefits in combination with Peakwork technology.

Lufthansa Group: Transforming the distribution landscape with NDC and dynamic pricing

Xavier Lagardère, Lufthansa Group’s Senior Director in charge of Distribution, leading Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines’ go-to-market strategy and channel solutions, discussed changes in airline distribution and how NDC supports this. Xavier talked about the challenges in static data and the need to review the shopping process.


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