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Peakwork looking beyond: Peakwork offers flexible Hotel Content for domestic travel

All travel market players are currently concerned how Covid-19 will impact the future of the tourism industry. There are plenty of glances into the glass ball. At Peakwork, we are intensively using the lockdown to optimize our products and prepare our partner network for an increasing number of bookings once the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

It can be expected that domestic travel and holiday in neighboring countries will pick up first, where flexibly sourced hotel offers in the DACH region are likely to play a major role for our local business partners, whether this be city breaks, country trips or health and wellness holidays.

In the DACH region, Peakwork hotel suppliers offer a flexible and comprehensive hotel portfolio. These providers include, Eurotours, Hotelbeds, Jumbotours, MIKI, Travco UK, Webbeds, and many more. Their vast hotel portfolio varies in quality, from 3 star hotels up to deluxe accommodation, as well as quantity. In Germany, more than 45,000 hotels are available, Austria features more than 20,000 hotels and accommodations, and in Switzerland there are around 12,000 lodgings. The Netherlands has around 10,000 properties and Belgium has 7,000 properties, covering almost all holiday requirements.

Peakwork has an exact overview of the hotel offers from each supplier in each region. The map below shows the extensive portfolio from just one of our providers in the DACH region.

Regarding the top destinations from DACH source markets, one of our hotel suppliers has already reported a significant number of DACH cities in their top 2019 sold cities: Vienna, Prague, Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Dresden, Hamburg, Barcelona, Venice, Amsterdam, Milan, Lisbon, Strasbourg, Cologne, Verona, Bremen, Hanover, Florence, Budapest, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Dublin, Innsbruck, Nuremberg, Koblenz, Zurich, and Edinburgh.

From a global perspective, the Peakwork hotel portfolio also offers hotel content in every country and holiday destination worldwide. From Canadian to Chinese domestic travel, we can help you find the right accommodation portfolio, simply contact our hotel team for further information.


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