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Peakwork looking beyond: Peakwork Hub combines travel search with Covid-19 cases

As the impact of coronavirus slows the world down, the Peakwork team has been remaining positive by taking the opportunity to work on some creative development as part of the team’s “Hack Hours.” So we have been investigating how we could apply Covid-19 case numbers to tourism. Peakwork's hub service is an easy way to combine Peakwork data with external data to create completely new travel shopping approaches. 

In this showcase, we used Covid-19 case numbers issued by the RKI (Germany’s Robert Koch Institut), in particular the case numbers of infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants of a district. These figures were integrated accordingly into the travel search, where a customer could then use a slider to search for hotels in Germany located in an area with minimal infection rates. Should domestic travel pick up again once the current travel restrictions are lifted, these search parameters could be valuable.  
This external data can be displayed and considered as part of the initial trip research, then can be used to enrich relevant travel deals within the results list, and, finally, the travel deals can also be sorted according to these values. 

For the techies among us: The Covid-19 numbers were used as external qualifiers. In the Peakwork backend, in the “Qualifier Control” area, various product attributes can be assigned to hotels. These attributes can come from the Peakwork database or from external data sources. These qualifiers are then imported and - in this example - updated daily. Any numerical values can be taken into account, often weighted GlobalTypes. Further technical information can be found in the Peakwork documentation on the topic "Qualifier". 

Any measurable attributes can be assigned to offer data, such as distance to beach, length of ski slope, number of nearby golf courses - there are only a few technical limits to the imagination. The Covid-19 case numbers from the RKI were used here as an example to demonstrate the flexibility of the frontend design using Peakwork Hub technology. This showcase serves as an inspiration for new approaches in online travel search. We look forward to supporting all your ideas! 

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