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Status upgrade: Peakwork is granted IATA NDC “Airline Retailing Maturity” status

Technology provider Peakwork is thrilled to announce it has now been granted “Airline Retailing Maturity” status as a System Provider from IATA. With this New Distribution Capability (NDC) status, connected airline customers now have even greater opportunities for differentiated product presentation and ancillary upsell when travelers search and book flights in the Peakwork network.

IATA provides the only official industry index program in support of the Enhanced and Simplified Distribution standards: the Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index. Peakwork has now been granted “Airline Retailing Maturity” status as a System Provider. This status recognizes that Peakwork’s retail-based solutions for airlines support all deployments using Shop/Order capabilities, and are compliant with the standard Enhanced and Simplified Distribution message schema as well as the ARM index Capabilities Verification Guidance.

Peakwork operates direct connections to numerous airlines, consolidators and flight brokers, providing access to the world of tour operators, dynamic packaging and distribution via the Peakwork Leisure Travel Network. A large number of these connections already support the NDC format, in different versions of the standard. Tour operators benefit, for example, from more attractive prices offered by the airlines, as well as the ability to offer optional services such as luggage or seat reservations as part of a travel package, either included or separately. This enhanced flexibility and additional revenue stream are made possible by NDC via a standardized interface.

Christian Andersen, Director Flight at Peakwork, explained: " Peakwork offers airlines leading solutions in the field of caching technology and dynamic packaging. With the Airline Retail Maturity Certificate, IATA confirms that Peakwork's distribution solutions meet the latest technical requirements for efficient flight distribution via NDC."


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