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Peakwork Innovation Lab presents travel planning with Apple TV and Virtual Reality

Peakwork, a leading IT-provider for the travel industry, presents innovative ideas within the travel industry by using today’s modern devices at the ITB in Berlin from the 3rd to the 9th of March. The applications have been developed by using modern interfaces at peakwork’s Innovation Lab. Customers orientated travel companies have the opportunity to take part in upcoming projects and in cooperation with peakwork to optimize their own business model.  


peakwork Innovation Lab

peakwork’s Innovation Lab develops innovative touch points and interfaces for travel planning on the basis of peakwork’s technology. The high performing access for travel offers and complimentary digital services offers additional information and services. By concentrating on the overall value towards the customers’ experience, these concepts can be individually developed with creative innovation partners together.


Smart TV: Travel planning with Apple TV

The Innovation Lab has developed a feasibility study by using Apple TV’s OS terminal that gives customers an impulse how TV can be used as a “lean back surf instrument” for travel planning. Applications for further platforms such as Google Chrome cast, Amazon Fire TV as well as platforms from TV manufactures LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and many others are being planned.

The peakwork Travel App on TV offers inspirational features ranging from movie clips of attractive hotels and places of interest, large format and panoramic photos to HD videos as well as drone recordings. Favorites can be casted off within package deal offers and searched for based on country, region, star classification and different global types such as family, sport and wellness. Currently, bookings are being planned by transmission to mobile technology.

Developing the App, a relaxed living room experience has been taken into account which enhances the readiness to consume travel content and offers. The device will be used as a form of group media. Interested parties look together at the screen and are consulting accordingly. The user friendly interface and usability features are optimized to allow customers in addition to other mediums (tablets, smartphones, PC) to increase customer experience, bookings and cross-selling avenues.


Virtual Reality: Travel planning with Smart glasses

At the ITB, peakwork also presents an application using Smart glasses, to help interested travellers look for destinations virtually. The project study in cooperation with Interactive CMS (ICMS) offers for first time live offer opportunities related to current prices in real time. Travel agencies can control their customers experience by displaying different travel offers based on the customer’s wishes while using a second screen.


Mobile Travel Planning: Travel planning via Smartphone

peakwork has demonstrated through a concept study film the mobile travel planning via smartphone. Additionally, to the new future orientated user interface, many features will enable possible information and services for travel planning and bookings before, during and after the trip. Corresponding connections with social media content offer an around the clock mobile support for the customer.