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Peakwork automates conversion from OTDS data format to EDF format

The OTDS-to-EDF Converter is already in use at schauinsland-reisen

Peakwork has automated the conversion from the OTDS data format to the Peakwork data format, EDF. The new converter is already in use at the first tour operator, schauinsland-reisen, significantly improving the quality of offer data, as well as boosting internal efficiencies.

The EDF format, developed by Peakwork, is used internationally as a data format by all partners in the Peakwork network, covering over 40 countries. Among the major tour operators in German-speaking countries, the OTDS data format is also widely used in addition to EDF. Using the new converter, tour operators and tour operator systems that produce OTDS data can now automatically convert it into EDF, and continue working with EDF in the Peakwork network, driving efficiencies. With the support of the new converter, the data quality also increases, i.e. there are fewer price deviations and booked-up offers in sales.

"Providing offer data in EDF format for use in the Player Hub infrastructure used to require additional server and personnel resources at schauinsland-reisen, which we can now use reallocate elsewhere. With the help of Peakwork, data production has been streamlined enormously. At schauinsland-reisen, the EDF and OTDS formats build on each other, so the data quality has really improved. This also means that less effort is required for checking and reworking," explained Thorsten Hendricks, Deputy Head of IT at schauinsland-reisen.

Jan Gerlach, CEO of Peakwork, said: "We are optimizing the degree of automation of Peakwork systems in all areas in order to increase efficiencies for our customers. All tour operators who produce OTDS data will benefit enormously from this development".


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