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Peakwork announces partnership with Travelfusion

Peakwork, the software specialist for the global travel industry, announces their new partnership with Travelfusion. Travelfusion delivers flight offers in EDF data format to the Peakwork network, available for flight only sales as well as dynamic packaging.

Travelfusion is a leading flight content aggregator and innovator of Direct Connect distribution solutions. Headquartered in London with offices in Shanghai and Thessaloniki, Travelfusion aggregates 330+ Low Cost Carriers (LCC) from around the world and 25 NDC Full Service Carriers (FSC). Peakwork and Travelfusion have implemented the technical connectivity that allows Peakwork customers to source any flight content from Travelfusion’s vast portfolio. Travelfusion creates these flight offers in Peakwork’s EDF data format where flight bookings are directly channelled from the Peakwork network to Travelfusion’s booking interfaces.

Jonathan Penn, Senior Vice President Sales at Travelfusion, commented: “Collaborating with Peakwork has led to a win-win for Peakwork customers: They now have unparalleled access to shop, book and manage more than 330 LCCs and more thant 25 NDC FSC from around the world. Our rich data includes support for all ancillaries, branded fares, post booking and special fares to enhance the tour operators competitive offerings.”

Christian Andersen, Director Flight at Peakwork, added: “Travelfusion contributes an immense flight portfolio to the Peakwork network. The connectivity of both technology partners brings fast and flexible flight sourcing for all partners in the Player Hub Network.”

Travelfusion benefits from the quickly expanding Player Hub Network as new distribution platform. More than 100 tour operator brands, about 50 airlines and flight offer providers as well as 45 accommodation providers now sell their offers in the network and source additional services. Global Internet companies and metasearchers also connect APIs to receive fast and reliable offers for leisure travel sales. Peakwork technology connects travel providers such as TUI, Thomas Cook and Lufthansa, to digital global players including Google, Facebook, Kayak and Trivago. This fast growing Leisure Travel Network comprises travel brands across 35 markets.



About Travelfusion:

Travelfusion is the leading online travel content aggregator and innovator of Direct Connect distribution solutions. Travelfusion operates the world’s largest Direct Connect distribution and payment platform, directly linking hundreds of travel suppliers to Online Travel Agencies, Online (Corporate) Booking Tools, Travel Search and Mobile services. Travelfusion is a leading player in the IATA NDC distribution initiative aiming to help airlines to more efficiently merchandise and distribute their content to agents and users.

Travelfusion, headquartered in London (UK) with offices in Shanghai (China), was established in 2000 recognised early on how the Internet would change the travel distribution landscape. Travelfusion pioneered a low-cost Direct Connect distribution model that enabled suppliers to connect directly with online travel agencies, tour operators, and search companies. Travelfusion today aggregates 350+ low cost carriers (LCCs), Full Service Carriers (FSCs), and rail operators. Travelfusion’s proven and scalable architecture enables fast adaptability to changes in the industry including full support for ancillary services. On the payment and settlement side, Travelfusion now offers the most comprehensive solution for suppliers and agents/meta-search to shop, quote and book in any currency while Travelfusion settles directly with the suppliers in their billing currencies.


About Peakwork:

Peakwork AG, founded in 2009, is the dynamic packaging and distribution connectivity specialist for the travel industry. With its unique Player Hub Technology®, Peakwork has created a marketplace and leisure travel network that brings together global supply and demand of travel products.

Leading international tour operators and service providers rely on Peakwork solutions for dynamic packaging with connectivity to worldwide hotel and flight providers. The flexible and internationally scalable travel distribution solutions are designed to cope with large traffic demands and benefit from the connection to global metasearch partners as well as global distribution networks. Strategic alliances with leading companies like Google and IBM result in pioneering solutions for dynamic travel production, sales and yield management.

Player Hub Technology is successfully used in around 35 markets around the world.


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