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Peakwork AG has successfully been approved for the PCI DSS certification for the global e-commerce rollout

The Peakwork AG, a leading software specialist for the travel industry, has recently been certified in accordance to the international security standard for the credit card industry PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). All travel service bookings are approved for the safe and secure handling of credit card and payment information that occur on the peakwork Booking Hub.

Tours operators and service providers that work with peakwork, can book travel offers via peakwork’s Booking Hub, which also includes the handling of sensitive customer data. Due to the strong increase of traffic on peakwork’s international distribution platform, for example by meta searches and OTA’s, it is necessary to meet all requirements of international safety standards. Companies like Google and Kayak increasingly rely on the concept of “Facilitated Booking”, which allows them to generate bookings on their own web sites. Google has been working with peakwork since last year and is already connected to the security unit at peakwork. Other meta searches will follow shortly.

The well thought out audit was planned and carried out in just a couple of months. Credit the well thought out preparation and implementation that was carried out to solidify peakwork as an usd AG certified company. Christopher Kristes, Manager of PCI & Payment Security of usd, confirmed: “Based on being certified for the first time in such a short period of time, it took a great amount of effort. peakwork gives us a customer that takes the topic of IT-Security very seriously and has implemented the core values that we look for. Which eases the process of a successful audit.”

Ralf Usbeck, peakwork’s Chairman of the Board, explained his reasons for the certification according to PCI DSS requirements, “Providing the most up-to-date and high speed transmission of data quality, is what peakwork believes in. We are very proud that our customers have confidence in our solutions. IT-Security is an essential requirement for the sustainable success of peakwork’s solutions. The certification according to PCI DSS is further proof that peakwork sees the area of IT security as a logical consequence. 

Peter Cramer, peakwork’s Director of IT is satisfied as well. Cramer stated, “IT-Security requirements is a high priority in our development team. The ongoing fulfillment of compliance requirements is at the top of our list.”

About peakwork

peakwork is the software specialist for the travel industry. With its innovative and unique Player-Hub technology, peakwork provides a production and distribution platform that brings together global offers and demands of travel products.

Leading international tour operator brands and online travel companies utilize peakwork’s Players and Y-Players for classic and dynamic travel package production. Additionally, top airlines, worldwide hotel suppliers and a growing number of destination management companies are connected to the Player-Hub network for dynamic package production. Travel agencies, on and offline, as well as leading metasearchers, benefit from their own Hub for detailed and up-to-date travel offers. Through strategic alliances with leading companies such as IBM, Google and Micros/Oracle come pioneering solutions from dynamic travel production, sales and yield management.

The Player-Hub technology is used worldwide. peakwork has around 180 employees at locations in Germany and the international Sales Office London. Project teams operate from the subsidiaries peakwork Ltd. in Peterborough/UK and peakwork Inc. in Boston. A representative in Asia is being planned. International distribution partners include TraviAustria and NetMatch in Europe, IBM for global sales, operation and support for the Player-Hub technology.

About usd

usd AG protects companies and their customers against hackers and criminals. Its work is just as dynamic and diverse as the threat. It checks IT systems, applications and processes for security-relevant vulnerabilities and helps to eliminate them. Its Security Awareness Trainings provide security awareness; the usd Academy promotes the sharing of information and knowledge transfer. As an officially accredited auditor, usd AG provides consulting services to and certifies companies of the payment card industry world-wide.

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