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Peakwork achieves record travel bookings

In the months of March to June this year, Peakwork has recorded the highest sales figures for travel bookings since the foundation of the leisure travel network based on its Player Hub technology. The quantity and quality of holiday offers in the EDF data format are at the highest level to date and show a positive development in conversion rates.

As the Covid pandemic subsides, the desire to travel is now very much back on the increase. A rise in bookings was already noticeable as of March this year and bookings continue to increase to record levels month on month.

In addition to the increased number of service providers working with Peakwork technology, the data quality of available travel offers in the EDF data format is particularly strong. Furthermore, the flexibility and performance of dynamic packaging enables service providers to rapidly build numerous product combinations to share with end customers in travel agencies, online travel agencies as well as on their own websites. This competitive advantage is also noticeable to the connected OTAs through good offer placements and increased bookings. It also creates additional availability in this high booking season.

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Peakwork, is satisfied: "Peakwork has recorded the highest bookings in the company's history. Especially after the pandemic, we are particularly pleased about the excellent booking performance with our partners."


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