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Package sales increase with OTA and metasearch partners via Peakwork technology

The demand for connectivity of packaged holidays to online distribution partners is increasing as a result of a stronger focus on package providers online sales. Online meta distribution for single components, such as hotel and flight, is already a well-established marketing channel and we are now seeing holiday packages (flight and hotel bundled) following this trend. Distributing holiday packages on meta platforms is becoming more and more attractive, due to the evolving online purchase behavior of travelers as well as the ability to offer a broader and more convenient reach to customers.

Package providers, such as tour operators and online travel agencies, use Peakwork’s connectivity and network to distribute their holiday package offers to several meta partners, such as Google, Tripadvisor, Kayak, Travelsupermarket and others, for price comparison, online distribution and reaching customers cross-device from desktop to mobile.

Google, the world’s leading search engine, is one of the meta partners offering holiday package ads, next to Google Hotel Ads and Google Flight Search. Peakwork partners launched package ads on Google back in 2017 - first in the US, followed by the UK and Germany.

Tripadvisor, the world’s leading travel platform, has offered package ads via Peakwork connectivity since mid 2018, next to hotel search ads launched in 2016. Peakwork partners initially launched package ads on this platform in Germany and the UK, followed by the US in 2019.

Today, travelers searching for packages on meta search sites can compare the cheapest price from multiple package providers, as well as finding additional important information, including flight details, board type and additional services, such as airport transfers. This way, travelers can compare offers and providers based on price as well as holiday package attributes. Travelers book via link-out on the package provider’s website.

More than 10 holiday package brands working with Peakwork technology, are already connected to display their offers on meta platforms. More markets and partners for package meta distribution will be rolled out in the near future.


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