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Our VP Commercial Manuel: “The time of big and monolithic platforms seems to be over”

As this exceptional Coronavirus situation continues, we would like to take this moment to share some valuable insights from our colleagues working with our clients, to capture market vibes, trends as well as approaches to this global pandemic.

Today, we ask Manuel Saballus three questions who is our Vice President Commercial.


What lessons have you learned from the Coronavirus outbreak?

It’s very insightful to see how rapidly both life and an entire industry can change. We’ve noted that companies who have already embraced technology and a digital strategy in the past and not only created new roles, such as a Chief Digital Officer, are able to quickly adapt their business to take advantage of new opportunities in the travel sector, such as selling accommodation-only, travelling by car, by adding rail travel to dynamic packages, and by opening or closing destinations in line with the current restrictions.

We are delighted that some of our existing and more recent clients are using the crisis to take a moment and work closer with us to reinvent and change things that previously seemed too complicated or vast.

It is truly inspiring to see how close the majority of our clients have become with us during this time, and that Peakwork technology was able to help and even overcome some challenges of the crisis, e.g. with flexible, additional hotel supply, intelligent portfolio steering or utilizing our additional distribution channels such as metasearch and OTAs.


What top trends have you identified during the crisis?

Clearly, the time of big and monolithic platforms seems to be over. New clients strive for flexible and nimble platforms with maximum efficiency. At Peakwork, we always focused on our core capabilities, including flexible supplier sourcing, dynamic packaging, fast search and advanced distribution capabilities and their surrounding products, but not on previous or following processes and systems.

We are seeing the sourcing of own hotels or flights being done by simple extranets or aggregators (or just built in-house), rather than typing a contract or fare into a huge system. Also, the way holidaymakers are looking at products is much more flexible and dynamic (does anyone really look at printed brochures?), enriched in the distribution world by clever solutions in the big data space and revenue management solutions.


Where will your next dream vacation take you when the world is out of lockdown?

I’d love to visit some small Indonesian Islands again, or go back to the Yucatán peninsula, but I guess it will be a trip to a finca in Spain, just to ease me into traveling again without restrictions or a tense feeling whilst doing it.


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