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Lufthansa flights to book on KAYAK via Peakwork technology

Lufthansa flights can now be booked directly on the KAYAK website via facilitated booking  integration with Peakwork technology. This allows internet customers to complete flight search as well as booking on Metasearcher and flight provider benefit from increased conversion rates by providing seamless user experience for desktop and mobile devices for consumers booking on meta whereas the airline remains merchant of record.

Previously, Lufthansa's flight offers were displayed on KAYAK within the search results and online customers were forwarded to the provider's website via click-out model. The new connectivity with Peakwork technology, displaying the complete search and book process on KAYAK, has first been released in the USA and the traffic has been gradually increased with rising booking numbers. The facilitated booking model has since been rolled out to Canada and the UK with further markets expected to follow.

Annika Kessel, Chief Digital Officer at Peakwork, said: "The trend among our metasearch partners is increasingly moving towards facilitated booking. We are focusing currently strongly on scaling those connectivities amongst our partners as well hotel and packages, particularly to offer mobile users a better user experience, and to help achieve better conversion rates."


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