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Increasing conversion by improved image management with less effort

Peakwork launches a powerful new Image Categorization and Scoring Service: ICASS creates customer-segment specific image sets for online travel offers. By capturing key customer information and preferences, it displays previews and relevant product images including beach photos, family activities such as waterslides, or a couples atmosphere. Using Machine learning for image content management, it generates meta information for every image to change the order of photos shown on your frontend to meet your customers’ specific requirements.

Importance of images in tourism distribution  

·         Leisure travelers base their buying decision on emotions 
·         Images can highly trigger emotional reactions 
·         This enhanced customer experience can increase the propensity to book.

Images in tourism distribution: Today’s challenges 

·         There is a huge number of images from different sources  
·         Images are lacking attributes 
·         Some images are of poor quality and different sizes 
·         This results in manual effort to create inspiring image sets and high costs 


The solution: Peakwork ICASS

ICASS enables effortless image content management by generating meta information for every image.  Cloud native machine learning  registers file size, image resolution and classifies every image into a category, such as Kids Area, Food and Drinks, Beach, Wellness, and so on.  

Tour operators and service providers can significantly improve the user experience and ultimately conversions on their website. 

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