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Flexible and highly customized: Multi component travel packaging

More and more travelers are searching for individual, personalized round trips with a flexible combination of travel components. Peakwork and Nezasa technology take inspirational and unique travel experiences to the next level. High performance search technology is combined with flexible planning and booking tools. With only one API, tour operators will be able to connect to the Peakwork Hub with endless possibilities of search & booking options – soon available for multi component packaging. 

Added value

  • Highly personalized packages 
  • Upselling possibilities for tour operators and travel agents 
  • Optimized user experience for end customers 
  • Time saving: One system to search & book all individual components  
  • Peakwork high-performance cache: Prepared for mass-traffic with fast search results

Interested in getting to know more? Contact events[at] to arrange a virtual appointment with our experts. 


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