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DRV discussion: Mobile payment in the travel industry

Associated DRV members discussed the future of digital payment, September 11th, in Berlin.

Peakwork CPO Joao Gonzaga gave the audience @DRV a brief insight into the blockchain technology and why Blockchain is considered the most disruptive invention since the internet itself.

According to Joao, Blockchain is not only the technology underlying Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, it also has the potential to disrupt a wide range of business processes and functions, due to its data structure which does not require a central authority, allowing data to be stored in a distributed ledger, offering increased trust and transparency through an immutable record of all transactions.

Although it is still in its early stages of development blockchain could revolutionize the way business in several industries, including travel will operate. Several ongoing blockchain projects in different verticals such as smart contracts, digital identity, customer loyalty program, supply chain, as well as P2P vacation rentals among other application show how many possibilities blockchain technology brings for our digital world.

Read the DRV press release here.


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