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TUI fly Belgium flights now available through Peakwork

TUI fly Belgium is broadening its distribution platform by collaborating with Peakwork to supply flights to the Player Hub Network. The new connectivity will make flight content available for flight-only sales.

Founded in 2004, TUI fly Belgium operates a fleet of 27 aircraft, within a network of 187 routes to more than 111 destinations in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Africa, and the United States. The airline's home base is Brussels Airport, but they also operate flights from nine other bases in Belgium, France, and Morocco.

Christian Andersen, Director Flight at Peakwork, said: “TUI fly Belgium provides new routes and destinations for the Player Hub Network. This flight content adds differentiating value to Peakwork’s flight portfolio.”

The Player Hub Network connects over 45 flight providers, more than 40 hotel providers, about 90 international tour operator and package supplier brands, plus additional services. In more than 30 markets this product portfolio is used for dynamic packaging, product distribution and sourcing.


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