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Peakwork doubles bookings for the fifth consecutive year

The growth at Peakwork continues: Since 2012, the booking volume through Peakwork technology has doubled every year. The past year closed with 122 percent more bookings compared to the previous year.

With its innovative Player Hub Technology®, Peakwork connects global tourism providers with sales partners. In recent years, Peakwork has primarily focused on the international rollout and connectivity of globally operating companies in the tourism sector. "We see a steadily increasing trend in the use of Player Hub Technology and current orders promise further growth." said Jan Gerlach, new CEO of Peakwork. Peakwork starts 2018 with an increase in bookings of 140 percent compared to the first days of the previous year. Ralf Usbeck, Chairman of Peakwork, confirms: "We are proud to be able to increase growth at Peakwork by more than one hundred percent. With five-digit booking numbers per day, doubling this volume contributes to our partners sales success even more."

Founded in 2009, Peakwork quickly established its technology in the German-speaking markets, especially with leading tour operators. Today, around half of the bookings are made internationally and this number is continuing to rise. In 2018, new partners in Russia and Asia will be connected to the Player Hub Technology. The market penetration in America and Europe will also be expanded with several new large travel customers. Over the coming years, Peakwork plans to double its booking volume year on year, so the Player Hub Network will become the preferred choice to all partners.


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