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Manuel Saballus new VP Global Sales & Solutions at Peakwork

Manuel Saballus, (32), is appointed Vice President of Global Sales and Solutions, responsible for Peakwork's international sales activities. Previously, as VP Solutions, he has been responsible for planning new customer projects as well as product development and sales of Peakwork’s dynamic travel solutions.

With its Player Hub Technology, Peakwork connects global travel suppliers and distributors. Currently, around half of Peakwork’s sales and bookings are made internationally, and in the coming years, more global providers and distribution channels will connect to the network. Peakwork is increasingly focussed on developing strategic partnerships with local tourism companies. Partners in China, Russia, Austria (for Austria and Switzerland) and the Netherlands (for Benelux markets) are already taking over distribution and implementation of Peakwork technology with new customers. An international sales team provides support across various locations including Buenos Aires, Denver, Boston, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Dusseldorf. In 2018, new customers from Russia and Asia will be connected to the Player Hub Technology.

Jan Gerlach, CEO of Peakwork, said: "Manuel Saballus has extensive technical knowledge of the systems on the market, and thanks to his many years of experience in travel technology, he is well connected both nationally and internationally." Manuel Saballus added: "This year, we expect some major international customers to come on board. With an expert sales team and our powerful technology, we are well prepared for Peakwork’s international expansion.”

Manuel Saballus joined Peakwork in 2013 and has held various positions in project management, dynamic packaging and business development. Previously, Saballus worked for ten years at Traveltainment in project management, dynamic packaging and key account management.


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