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Opening Note
Jan Gerlach, CEO, opens up Peakwork Partner Connect 2019 reviewing trends and changes in the industry over the last 10 years of Peakwork’s existence. Including a live demo of Peakwork technology powering package bookings in the new Google Travel environment. 

Opening Note - Jan Gerlach Peakwork

The NOW and the NEXT of travel & Google
Google presented at Peakwork Partner Connect “The NOW and the NEXT of travel & Google”: Mobile search for travel is increasing rapidly. Dominik Schwarzenberger from Google introduced us to nbu – the next billion users - which prefer voice usage, video content and local languages for travel planning. Therefore, artificial intelligence becomes more relevant to identify travellers’ needs. Google is simplifying trip planning for users and drives growth and profitability for all partners, eg. connected Peakwork partners.

The NOW and NEXT of travel & Google - Dominik Schwarzenberger Google

TripAdvisor insights: using traveller data to drive your strategy
Charlie Ballard from Tripadvisor introduced the new Tripadvisor social platform and made a deep drive into what we can do using the traveller data, e.g. in analysing the competitiveness of your brand. In addition the vision of TripAdvisor is to becoming a “share the whole trip platform” to connect and inspire the users/each other.

Using traveller data to drive your strategy - Charlie Ballard TripAdvisor

Next generation social media commerce – virtual celebrity influencers as revenue machine and brand drivers
Peakwork Partner Connect: Annika Kessel Chief Digital Officer presenting “Next gen social media commerce – virtual celebrity influencers” , gave an amazing insight in the next generation of virtual avatars  which become relevant for all ecom and are opportunity for the travel industry. Are virtual avatar influencers like Lil Miquela taking over digital brand and revenue growth in ecommerce? We keep an eye on it…

Ecommerce Avatars - Annika Kessel Peakwork

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